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“Photographic artists are reconsidering the potential of a photograph with a shift to making rather than taking photographs. By using vintage and contemporary photographs as a starting point artists create physically layered works of art that result in an object, often in reaction to the flood of ubiquitous imagery that digital and cell phone technology has afforded.”

 - Aline Smithson, editor, educator and interdisciplinary artist

John Woodruff’s newest series creates a world of fragmented images that challenges the notion of what a photograph ought to be. We are immersed in images that come at us from all directions, and virtually all of them have no significance with one another. They are in essence a stream of disparate consciousness. Our experience is what makes sense of them as they vie for our attention attempting to teach us, lie to us, excite us, provide or deny clarity and create vicarious realities which dubiously attempt to define our world.

Art review by Jorge S. Arango: Despite 'traditional' theme, packed photo show contains many surprises


"Traditional Painting Genres in Photography" is up at the Maine Museum of Photographic Arts in Portland throught the end of the Month.

Carole Eisenberg offers her signature digitally manipulated images on metallic paper, which, like John Woodruff's inkjet prints on the opposite wall, are thoroughly contemporary works that straddle still life and collage.

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