I fell in love with photography through the Polaroid camera. Its immediate results were addictive.

Eventually my father gave me his 35mm Exakta. It had an inherent film transport issue and would frequently overlap at least part of two frames. What some viewed as a mistake was to me the find of a lifetime. To this day I continue to use, at least in part, the concept and power of overlapping images.

My photographs are about layers, illusion of depth, color, shape/form, restless energy and beauty in the simplest of things. To understand in more detail these aspects, upon graduation I took a position as a studio photographer and, a bit later, as the owner of an architectural photography studio. In both disciplines I gained extensive knowledge in lighting, composition, vantage points, depth of field and, most importantly, how to make that which I was photographing more provocative than it was.

For the last twenty years or so, I have used paper as the underlying element for creating my images. The paper is almost always cut into biomorphic shapes. My newest series is based on flowers I have shot over the last year. They are printed as xeroxes of varying sizes and then cut by hand from their respective backgrounds to segregate the flower itself. The flowers are then composed on elevated glass layers, which allow me to light each level independently.*

My inventive and poetic compositions embrace color and form and explore the illusion of depth resulting in visually charged, immersive photographs that challenge the viewers perception of what a photograph should be. They linger at the intersection of painting and photography, imagery and abstraction.

*All of my photographs are created and produced in the studio. They are non-electronic photographic compositions.

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STATEMENT 2019 - 2022

I have a minor in photography (the Hartford Art School) and a B.S. in Biology. As a consequence, my work almost always combines science and art.

My newest work shares the same themes I have explored and worked with for years - patterns which occur at every level of life, and the inspirational beauty of biomorphic shapes.  

Drawing on cues from nature, I create lush, patterned, fictional landscapes that often mimic aerial views.


Colorful, immersive and visually charged, the photographs tend to linger at the intersection of painting and photography, imagery and abstraction.

Process:  All of my images are created in the studio by hand.  Xeroxes of source images (the sun and moon) are cut into organic shapes, composed on layers of glass and re-photographed using spotlights to enhance color and create an illusion of depth.

Influences:  The natural world, background music in movies, Jefferson Airplane light show in the seventies, Gary Stephan, David Reed, Ross Bleckner, Jack Goldstein, and Adam Fuss - in that order.

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